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Qubani Ka Meetha (Stewed Apricot Dessert)

Qubani Ka Meetha (Stewed Apricot Dessert) is an Authentic Hyderabadi Dessert

Qubani is a Urdu word means- " Apricot" 
Meetha  is a Urdu word means- "Sweet"
 Its a very Popular Hyderabadi Dessert and very common in Hyderabadi Wedding ceremony.

The dessert is prepare with Apricot puree ,basically Apricots are soak in water overnight and remove the seed ,and boiling apricot with syrup and adding sugar until it reaches the desired consistency or into thick Compote.
and garnish with roasted and blanched almonds and apricot kernels (Kernels is the inner part of the seed of Apricot) and traditionally garnished with thick Malai and Silver Warq !!!

Now a days Qubani Ka Meeta in Hyderabadi Wedding or in Parties are garnishing with Thick Cream or Ice-cream or Custard or Khoya.

Ingredients :

½ Cup Dried Apricots
3 tbsp Sugar- As per taste
2 Crushed Green Cardamom( Elaichi)
1 tsp Lemon juice

For Garnishing :
Apricot kernels
Slice of roasted and blanched Almonds and Pistachios
1 pinch Saffron threads optional
1 Edible Silver leaf (Warq) Optional
½ Cup Malai or Thick Cream or Wipped Cream


In a deep bowl  wash and add dried Apricots cover with water and soak overnight.

Once the apricots is moist and swollen, remove apricots with a slotted spoon and then drain the apricots from the soaking liquid water aside.(The soaking syrup is used for preparing the meetha)

Then de-seed and  keep aside.
Do not throw away the Apricot seed/pit crack the seed remove the (Apricot Kernels) for garnishing

In a non-stick saucepan at a medium heat, Add soaking liquid and plump apricots.
 Allow to boil for 10- 15 minutes .

Add sugar and stir until it has completely dissolves.
At a low heat add few drops of  lemon juice to prevent caramelisation , crush cardamom and saffron,

Stir often to prevent burning,if required,sprinkle little water or milk to prevent  from burning.

Meanwhile crack the seed with a nutcracker to extract the nuts and blanch nuts in boiling water for 1 minute and remove the skin and keep aside.
Then mash apricots with spoon occasionally, Do not cook on a high heat,

 stir occasionally until apricots are soft and pulpy and mushy if needed add water or milk.
Remove from the heat when it reaches the desired thick consistency or into thick Compote. 
Allow Qubani to cool.
Garnish with apricot kernels, Almonds and Pistachios and with Malai or Wiped Cream or custard
Serve with warm or cool and Enjoy it :)

Tips :
  • Make sure Apricot are well soaked
  • Do not throw away the Apricot seed/pit crack the seed remove the nut for garnishing
  • For Quick Process- You can Pressure cook apricot along with the soaking syrup .
  • Stir frequently to avoid sticking.
  • If required,sprinkle a little water or milk  to prevent from sticking or burning.
  • Make sure Apricots are well cooked should be soft and mushy.
  • Add sugar accounting to your taste.
  • Topped with Malai or Thick Cream or Ice-cream or Custard or Khoya.
  • General Info: An Apricot seeds means a small Apricot kernel inside the hard pit at the center of the apricot. 


  1. oho this is the dish
    khubani ka meetha
    i have heard of it bt never made
    looks goodto me
    err cant find the linky tool though

  2. Interesting and nice challenge for Northern Team. Looks so delicious and yum!

  3. looks really yummy... i've had this at a restaurant and really loved it... :)

  4. New for me to try....can we use fresh apricot?

    1. Hi Kirti,

      Yeah you can use fresh apricot but
      original this recipe is prepare with Dried apricots.

      I have not tried with fresh apricots.
      But have taste at my friends place she prepare with fresh apricots it was yummy :)

      I guess you have to try it and let us know how it was. Good luck to you :)

  5. delicious sweet ............ perfect challenge roha..........

  6. i love to try this challenge,looks so interesting.

  7. Though I don't like to eat apricot.. But still I will complete this challenge because this looks so appealing and ti support my north team...

  8. Lovely Dessert and nice challenge... never tried before... hope to try..

  9. Very new to me, yummilicious challenge roha. Amazing dessert!

    today's post:

  10. super delicious looking sweet ..yes i too have tis doubt can ve use fresh apricot ?

    1. Yes Manjula you can use fresh apricot :)

    2. I made this using fresh apricots.. it gives a sweet & tangy flavor as most apricots are little tangy.. i m simply loving this :)

  11. looks scrumptiously tasty dear

  12. interesting and lovely challenge

  13. Delicious dish looks perfect.

  14. Ohh so this is the sweet we will make for this challenge this month, super excited now :)

  15. rich dessert and a wonderful challenge. Lovely clicks too.
    Home Made Recipes

  16. I am going to try this too even though I dont belong to north team lovely recipe. Lovelyyyyyyyyy

  17. just completed the making the dessert. its lovely. I had never tasted it before and am glad you challenged us with this. i haven't posted yet. will do so soon. just thought i'll write to you while the initial excitement is on :)

  18. Thanks for the wonderful challnge.. Looks yum!! BTW Roha can u add the SNC logo and link here please..


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