Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kalakand (Milk Cake)


2 litre Milk or 4 cups  Milk
¼ tsp Alum powder (phitkari)/tartaric acid
1 tbsp Rose water - optional
1  pinch Saffron threads
1/2 cup sugar
2 cardamom (elaichis)
1/2 tbsp  Ghee/Oil 

For Garnishing :

Slices Almonds blanched, skin removed. 
Slices Pistachios.
Silver Warq- optional

Method for Kalakand (Milk Cake)

In a non stick saucepan at a medium heat add Milk and crushed cardamom, saffron.
Allow to cook in low heat for 35-45 minutes till the milk reduced to three fourth its Volume/ till its thicken.

Then add Alum powder (phitkari) and  allow to cook till the milk curdled slightly.
Add sugar till the sugar is dissolve and keep stirring till its moisture evaporate and stir till the the milk mixture becomes granular khoya (Danedar khoya) without actually curdling at a low heat.

Note : make sure the milk does not stick to the base of the pan stir it  frequently, Add ghee and mix well then add rose water (optional) till the milks gets thicker and dry crushed lump .
Remove from the heat. 

Pour the firm milk mixture into greased tray/plate and garnish with Almonds,Pistachios, saffron and silver warq (optional).
Leave it cool down and  cut into square or diamond shape.

Enjoy it !! :)


  • To Avoid burning Make sure the milk does not stick to the base of the pan keep stirring frequently. 
  • To  Cut into desired shapes make sure to leave it cool down.
  • To avoid sticking kalakand to knife , greased the knife.


  1. I like the milk sweet. looks great!

  2. yum yum milk sweet and nice presentation

  3. Luuuuve kalakhand, and didnt know it was this easy to make. but Roha, what is alum powder? is it easily available?

    1. Alum:
      Alum powder is a common spice, and it is used as the acidic component and can be used in food processing and for pickling and also in baking powder.

      Its like a crystalline form, and one uses little powder to solidify milk in lumps for kalakand.

      you can get in the spice /Baking department section at your local grocery store.

  4. Tempting sweet,beautiful presentation.

  5. All time favorite dessert. Nice clicks too.

  6. Kalakand looks so delicious..yummy

  7. Wow... Yummy... First time here. Happy to follow you.
    I would be glad, if you stop by mine too.

    1. Thank you dear pop into my blog and Following u :)

  8. temtping pics of super yumm dessert..BTW if possible plz visit mine n plz chjeck out my new FB page dear.Hope u vl

  9. Thank you dear,sure I will check out your FB page :)

  10. looks great!!Nicely presented!!

  11. Looks wonderful and healthy too :)

  12. Wow.. Look wonderful it's my fav mithai


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