Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hyderabadi Khichadi

Khichadi a simple recipe that can be served anytime !!!

Khichdi in Hyderabad is know for serving during breakfast, lunch, dinner or lazy weekends mornings,There are many method of preparing.

Ingredients :

1 cup Basmati rice
1/2 cup  Split red lentils (Toor Dal) / yellow lentils (Moong Dal)
4 cups of water
2 tbsp ginger & garlic paste
1/2  tbsp cumin seeds (optional)
Turmeric powder (optional)
fried onion (optional for garnish)
2 tbsp oil
Salt to taste

Method :
In a large non-stick saucepan add oil at medium heat, add ginger & garlic paste stir for 5-10 minutes to golden brown.
Then  pour water alone with rice and  red / yellow lentils.
Add salt & Give it a stir, cover and let it come to a boil.let the rice cook while stirring occasionally.
Lower the heat and leave until the rice is cooked.
Remove from the heat.
Served with Tamatar-ki-chutney,Dahi ki chutney,
Aloo-ka-kheema Achar,Ghee,omelet,Till ka khatta, Khatta and pyaz(onion)....

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